Immunization Information

Immunization Information

Immunization Policy
The Georgia State University is in compliance with the Georgia Board of Regents immunization requirements. All new students must show proof being immunized.

Records of your shots can be requested from schools that you have previously attended, county health departments, military records or your physician.

Allow three business days from the time your immunization record is received for processing, posting, and releasing immunization holds. Incomplete or unacceptable records may take up to 14 business days due to correspondence time requesting corrections. Common reasons for incomplete immunizations records are: no valid Panther I.D., no physician signature, no physician stamp, unable to read dates.

If you are unable to locate your shot record, but are certain that you have had the immunization, we recommend blood tests (titers) instead of repeating the shots. If the titer shows that you are immune, then you have proven immunity. If the titer shows you are NOT immune, you will need to receive the immunization. Tetanus/Diphtheria proof is by shot record only; there is no titer for this immunization.

Permanent or Temporary Immunization Exemption

  • Permanent – permanent medical contraindication (allergy, etc)
  • Temporary – Exempt for a period of time (pregnancy etc)
  • Must be signed and stamped by medical provider
  • Religious Exemptions – Immunizations are in conflict with religious beliefs. Student may be subject to exclusion from school in the event of an outbreak of a disease that an immunization is required. Student must sign and date.
  • Distance Learning – Student enrolled ONLY in courses offered by distance learning. If the student enrolls in a class on-campus the exemption is void. Student must sign and date

Excuse Note Policy
Our medical providers are frequently asked by our students to write out a medical excuse for classes and/or work. The providers use the following guidelines when writing an excuse note:

  • We do not write excuse notes for problems that our providers did not provide care for. If you missed a class/work due to illness and did not see us until the next week, a note will not be given.
  • We do not give notes for classes missed due to a Wellness Visit – ie Study Abroad Physical, Well Woman Exam, etc. Please plan accordingly.
  • A student may request a Verification of Visit which will display the times the student was in the clinic.
  • If the care for an illness was provided by your primary care provider, the excuse note should be requested by that provider.
  • We encourage our students to schedule their appointments around their class schedules if at all possible.